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Give your business the comprehensive protection it needs with an insurance policy explicitly built for the orthotics and prosthetics industry.

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Orthotics and prosthetics insurance in Salt Lake City is a highly specialized type of coverage that provides your valuable business with the financial protection it requires.

Whether your business manufactures, repairs, distributes, or fits orthotics and prosthetics, you provide an incredibly valuable service to people with life-changing technology.

Because of the highly-specialized services and equipment you provide, you need insurance coverage that is just as unique, and that’s exactly what our orthotics and prosthetics insurance policies provide!

What is orthotics and prosthetics insurance?

In Salt Lake City, orthotics and prosthetics insurance is a type of coverage meant to provide financial risk management for businesses that operate in the orthotics and prosthetics industries.

These businesses include custom orthotics and prosthetics fitters, distributors, fabricators, orthotics and prosthetics repair, practitioners and other specialties within the industry.

What does orthotics and prosthetics insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Depending on what type of orthotics and prosthetics services you provide, you’ll need specialized coverage that protects you from the specific financial risks you face.

Most orthotics and prosthetics insurance plans include:

  1. General, professional, and legal liability coverage
  2. Property damage
  3. Product liability
  4. Workers’ compensation
  5. Cyber liability
  6. Umbrella Coverage

Orthotics and prosthetics professionals face unique risks due to the sensitive nature of their work.

Often, they store personal medical information about their clients. That’s why coverage for cyber liability is vital if a data breach occurs. Your coverage can protect you from the cost of securing your system, as well as covering legal expenses if you’re sued.

Product liability is a critical component of orthotics and prosthetics insurance because you face lawsuits if a client is injured and the cause is determined to be your defective product. These situations can result in up to millions of dollars of legal fees, damages, and claims, but orthotics and prosthetics insurance can offset these costs.

These are just a few examples of situations that can arise in this unique industry that require equally specialized coverage.

The professionals at Salt Lake City Insurance will help you find a reliable and flexible plan for your orthotics and prosthetics business that gives you the coverage you need for financial security.

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