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Crafting the perfect brew is tough, but protecting your craft brewery doesn’t have to be thanks to our comprehensive craft brewery insurance policies.

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When you’re looking for craft brewery insurance in Salt Lake City, it’s important you find a plan that offers you extensive coverage at a price that fits the needs of your business.

Today, craft breweries are more popular than ever, and owning this type of business comes with a unique set of needs when you insure it. While many craft breweries run as small businesses, there are large-scale operations taking place behind the scenes to create a great product and run the business smoothly.

Before you pick a craft brewery insurance policy, be sure to understand what craft brewery insurance covers and when it will be useful.

What does craft brewery insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Craft brewery insurance policies vary according to your needs and budget, but these are just some of the essential components of your business these special policies can cover:

  1. Equipment maintenance and repair
  2. Liability for injured employees or customers
  3. Worker’s compensation
  4. Liquor and product liability
  5. Recall expenses
  6. Property insurance

As you can see, there are several parts of a craft brewery that could cost you massive out-of-pocket expenses if they’re not insured.

Say, for example, a batch of your product is tainted. Without craft brewery insurance, you’ll be responsible for covering recall expenses, which add up quickly.

Not only do your products and equipment need protection, but your customers do too.

That’s why you can choose a policy with liability coverage to cover legal expenses and medical fees if a customer is injured at your property.

From regular equipment maintenance to serious injury or damage, craft brewery insurance offers you the peace of mind that your business is financially protected in a variety of situations.

Insure your craft brewery with a plan from Salt Lake City Insurance that fits your needs and budget to make sure you’re protected when the unexpected occurs.

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