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Accidents or illness can happen anytime and anywhere. Protect yourself when travelling. Call us today to purchase travel health insurance for your next trip.

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Travel health insurance for individuals in Salt Lake City gives you a peace of mind when travelling abroad or overseas. The last thing you want is to become ill or experience an accident on vacation. Plan ahead. Purchase your travel health insurance, so that the last thing you have to worry about is an expensive medical bill. Our travel health insurance policies cover sickness, medical evacuation, car accidents, injury, loss of hearing, and loss of eyesight. Prepare for health emergencies before they happen.


What does travel health insurance for persons in Salt Lake City cover?

Travel health insurance in Salt Lake City Insurance varies depending on the type of coverage you purchase and the nature of your trip. Your travel health insurance policy may cover:

  1. Emergency Medical Costs
  2. Emergency Dental Costs
  3. Medical Evacuations
  4. Lost or Stolen Medical Devices

How much is travel health insurance?

The cost will depend on the length of your trip and your destination. For more information, contact one of our agents today. They can help you decide on a policy that is right for you, your needs, and your budget.

How does travel health insurance work?

You must purchase your travel health insurance policy before you leave on your trip. Your travel health insurance begins on the day you leave for your trip, and ends on the day of your return. It does not cover any injury or illness that began before you left on your trip. With travel health insurance, most places require at least a partial upfront payment. Depending on your policy, you are then reimbursed.

Does my regular health insurance cover international travel?

Often times, no. This is why travel health insurance is recommended when travelling abroad or overseas. If you experience an unforeseeable accident or illness while on vacation, travel health insurance ensures you’re financially covered.

Our experienced and trained agents at Salt Lake City Insurance can help you select the right travel health insurance policy for your needs and your budget. Enjoy your vacation, minus the worry of any unexpected medical bills.

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