Property Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT

Know that you and your home are protected when you purchase a property insurance policy that fits in your budget and meets your needs.

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Property Insurance
in Salt Lake City, UT

Know that you and your home are protected when you purchase a property insurance policy that fits in your budget
and meets your needs.

Property Insurance
in Salt Lake City, UT

Know that you and your home are protected when you purchase a property insurance policy that fits in your budget
and meets your needs.

Property insurance is a term used to include any property you own. It may include your home, your belongings or land. If you own something of value, you need to purchase a property insurance policy.

What Does Property Insurance Cover?

There are different types of property insurance, and coverage can vary. However, you can find policies that will cover almost any situation.

  1. You may purchase an open perils policy which means that all incidents are covered unless specifically excluded. This type of coverage provides the most complete protection for you and your covered property.
  2. Another type of coverage is that of named perils, which means only the types of incidents listed will be covered. This policy is more limited because any damage not specifically named in the policy will not be covered. You’ll find this type of policy often purchased in addition to an open perils policy. For example, someone might purchase flood insurance because their home insurance policy excludes flooding.

What Types of Coverage Exist in Property Insurance?

You’ll find numerous policies listed under the broad category of property insurance, including the following:

  1. Homeowners’ insurance
  2. Renter’s insurance
  3. Condo insurance
  4. Landlord insurance
  5. Motorhome insurance
  6. Personal umbrella insurance

If you run a business from your home, you may need a special kind of property insurance policy. For instance, a mechanic that repairs vehicles from his home garage would need more coverage than a traditional home insurance policy provides.

What Do I Need to Know about Property Insurance?

  1. Before you select a policy, you should know how much coverage you need for the property itself and any personal items. This may include furniture, appliances, electronics or tools.
  2. You also need to know what perils are likely to occur and cause damage to your home. If you live anywhere near a fault line, you may need to purchase earthquake insurance.
  3. You should also think about liability coverage. The amount you need depends partially on what risks there are on your property. A person who owns a dog may need more coverage than someone who has no pets.

Salt Lake Insurance Group provides coverage with property insurance that is designed to meet your needs and fit in a variety of budgets.


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What is property insurance?
Property insurance is coverage for any properties that you own. Depending on your insurance type, your property insurance may include homeowners’ insurance, condo insurance, renter’s insurance, landlord insurance, motorhome insurance, and personal umbrella insurance.
How much is property insurance from Salt Lake City Insurance?
Property insurance varies in cost depending on your needs and budget. Call us today and discuss your options with one of our agents.
Is property insurance the same as homeowners’ insurance?
It can be. Your property insurance may include homeowners’ insurance. It’s best to check with your policy to determine what coverage you have.
What are the three main types of property insurance coverage?
The three main types are basic form, broad form, and special form. Basic form is the least expensive of the 3. It covers storm damage and fire damage. Broad form property insurance covers the same as basic form plus snow and ice damage, structural damage, and more. Special form property insurance is more expensive than the other 2. This type of property insurance covers most damage to your property. However, always make sure to check with your specific insurance to determine what is included. Certain exceptions may apply.
How much is property insurance for a small business?
Property insurance for a small business depends on your needs, budget, and business size. Call our agents at Salt Lake City Insurance to determine your options today.
What does property insurance cover for a business?
For a business, you may need a more special type of insurance. It may not be included in property insurance. Contact us today to find out what type is best for your business and your needs.
How does coinsurance work on property insurance?
Coinsurance means the insurer has to insure the property for a specific amount, such as 80, 90, or 100 percent of the property’s full value. If you insure your property for less, your insurance company may give you a coinsurance penalty when a claim is filed. This penalty may vary in cost depending on your claim.
What is intellectual property insurance?
Intellectual property insurance is a more specific type of coverage. It covers your costs associated with legal defense in infringement suits.
How does the deductible work with property insurance?
As with other insurance policies, a deductible is the amount the insured must pay out of pocket before their insurance company will step in. Your specific deductible amount may vary depending on the number of claims you have filed and depending on your specific policy choice. When making a claim, take you deductible into account. If the claim is not more than your deductible, it may be best to pay out of pocket to avoid a raise in your monthly insurance cost.
What is all risk property insurance?
All risk property insurance protects you and your home against the unexpected. These risks are often not included in a typical property insurance policy. Before purchasing all risk property insurance, review what is covered. You may or may not need it depending on your specific needs and situation.
What is personal property insurance?
Personal property insurance protects your personal belongings, such as furniture and other items. If your items are lost are damaged, this insurance guarantees that you are covered. For more information, contact Salt Lake City Insurance today.

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