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Health insurance is always a good idea, but what about what it doesn’t cover? Call us to find out how supplemental insurance can help you cover all your medical costs.

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Supplemental insurance for persons in Salt Lake City can help you cover the medical costs that your primary insurance does not cover. In the case of an injury or illness, expenses can add up. The cost of lost wages, rent, food, transportation, and medications can add stress in an already tough situation. Assess your risk factors associated with your primary insurance. Purchase your supplemental insurance today to fill in those gaps. Give yourself that extra peace of mind.

What does supplemental insurance for persons in Salt Lake City cover?

Supplemental insurance from Salt Lake City Insurance may vary depending on your needs and budget. You supplemental insurance policy may cover:

  1. Deductibles
  2. Copayments
  3. Coinsurance
  4. Monthly Bills
  5. Lost Income
  6. Food Expenses

How much is supplemental insurance?

The cost of your supplemental insurance will vary depending on your budget and your needs. Contact one of our agents today to learn more about your insurance options.

How does supplemental insurance work?

Supplemental insurance pays out directly to you, the insured. The amount is dependant on your policy and what is covered. For more information on your supplemental insurance policy or to purchase your insurance, contact SLC Insurance today.

Is supplemental insurance worth it?

Supplemental insurance is entirely optional. Yet, no one plans to get sick or to get into an accident. Plan for the unexpected. Consider your expenses and protect your financial security. Supplemental insurance can keep your stress at bay and can potentially be more cost-effective in the long-run. Before purchasing supplemental insurance, explore your options. Learn what your primary insurance or spousal insurance covers. Avoid duplicating your coverage, then decide what’s best for you and your life.

At Salt Lake City Insurance, our trained and experienced agents are ready to help. Avoid gaps in your primary insurance policy. Find a supplemental insurance policy that best suits your needs and your budget. Contact us today to find out if supplemental insurance is right for you.

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