Medical Payments Coverage in Salt Lake City, UT

Lessen the financial burden of medical bills and funeral expenses after automobile accidents with an affordable and comprehensive medical payments coverage plan.

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Medical payments coverage in Salt Lake City is a very useful component of an auto insurance policy. Without medical payments coverage, you could be faced with massive bills for medical payments and funeral expenses sustained in automobile accidents.

One interesting component of medical payments coverage is that it applies no matter who is at fault, and no matter which state you’re in. It also applies to some injuries that take place when you’re outside of your vehicle, including being hit by a car when you’re a pedestrian.

Medical payments coverage follows the policyholder. That means, if you’re in a friend or family member’s vehicle, your medical payments coverage will still apply.

When you’re choosing a medical payments coverage plan, there are several other important things you should know first.

What does medical payments coverage include?

  1. EMT and ambulance fees
  2. Hospital visits and stays
  3. Doctor visits
  4. Surgery
  5. X-Rays
  6. Professional nursing services and care
  7. Prostheses
  8. Dental procedures after damage in an accident
  9. Injuries sustained as a pedestrian/cyclist when hit by a vehicle
  10. Funerals

As you can see, medical payments coverage includes most costs that are associated with injuries resulting from a car accident. Coverage does not extend, however, to trailers or other pieces of equipment attached to your vehicle.

Does my health insurance cover medical expenses associated with car accidents?

Some health insurance plans include coverage for injuries sustained in automobile accidents, but many policies don’t. Having both medical payments coverage and health insurance is a great way to give yourself peace of mind that you won’t face pricey bills after you’re injured in a car accident.

Does my personal injury protection cover all medical expenses associated with automobile accidents in Salt Lake City?

In Utah, vehicle insurance policies are required to include PIP (personal injury protection) which automatically covers up to $3,000 of medical bills, lost wages, and lost household services after an accident. Unless you purchase more comprehensive PIP, you’re subject to claim limits which is why it’s useful to have medical payments coverage in addition to PIP and health insurance.

The friendly team at Salt Lake City Insurance will help you determine how much medical payments coverage you need and find you an affordable and flexible plan that works for you.

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