Child Health Insurance in Salt Lake City, Utah

Your child’s health is your top priority. We offer affordable and flexible plans to give you the protection you need to cover your child’s healthcare costs.

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Parents purchasing child health insurance in Salt Lake City will have plenty of questions about the type of coverage their children need, what’s included, how much it costs, and more. If you’re dealing with a sick or injured child, facing high medical costs is the last thing you need. Child health insurance gives parents and guardians the peace of mind that they can focus on caring for their children instead of how you’ll pay their medical bills.

We’re here to help you answer any questions you have about child health insurance, including CHIP and Medicaid, while also figuring out a plan that fits your child’s needs and your budget.

You’ll likely have all sorts of questions about child health insurance, and answering them is an essential step in getting the right plan for your children.

What kind of child health insurance in Salt Lake City exist?

There are a few options for child health insurance in Utah, and each has their own benefits. The three main types of child health insurance include:

  1. Medicaid
  2. CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program)
  3. Private health insurance

CHIP and Medicaid are health insurance coverage implemented by the government in your state, and they’re often used for low-income individuals and families. If your income is too high to qualify for either of these programs, a private health care plan for your child is a great choice. Enrollment isn’t always open for government-funded programs, and in that case, private healthcare is the best choice to make sure your child has the coverage they need.

What kind of health insurance is right for my child?

Your own health insurance may provide coverage for your children, but not all do. In addition, some of these plans aren’t comprehensive, and you may require further protection for your children.

There are different levels of coverage for child health insurance, and more comprehensive plans generally come with higher monthly premiums. Some policies cover basic child medical expenses like dental and medical checkups, while more extensive plans cover catastrophic events and other unexpected medical situations.

The knowledgeable team at Salt Lake City Insurance will help you find an affordable plan for your child’s health insurance that also gives you the coverage you need to ease your mind.

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