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If your employees are working on or near U.S. waters, protect them and your business with maritime employers insurance.

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If you own a business in Salt Lake City whose employees work on commercial vessels in and around the United States, be sure to acquire maritime employers insurance or you risk paying costly claims out of pocket.

This very specific type of insurance provides coverage for your employees while they work on a vessel in the waters of the United States. While your standard employee insurance coverage is very important, it often won’t apply for many claims made for injuries or illnesses that take place on a commercial maritime vessel.

With marine employers insurance, you can limit the financial risk you take on for injuries or illnesses your employees sustain while working on a commercial vessel.

Since the Merchant Marine Act was passed in 1920, employees working at sea have been entitled to compensation beyond normal workers’ compensation in certain situations, and that’s where maritime employers insurance comes in.

What is maritime employers insurance?

Maritime employers insurance provides coverage for employees who are working on a commercial vessel, whether you own it or it is operated by someone else. This type of insurance is used for marine construction companies, drilling work, seismic survey work, fisheries, research and scientific work, and much more.

What does maritime employers insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Maritime employers insurance comes in handy for a variety of claims an employee could make after being injured working in or around water on a vessel, including:

  1. Medical liability and expenses
  2. Legal expenses
  3. Unearned wages
  4. Burial costs
  5. Loss control services
  6. Workers’ compensation
  7. Maritime liability

And much more.

When your employees are operating on a commercial vessel, there’s the potential for a variety of occupational hazards to occur. With maritime employers insurance, you protect your business from costly claims.

To learn more about our maritime employers insurance and the flexible and affordable options we offer, contact the experts at Salt Lake City Insurance today!

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