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Being a landlord can be challenging, but insuring your property doesn’t have to be. Call us for the landlords’ insurance policy that fits your budget and coverage needs.

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When you purchase landlords’ insurance in Salt Lake City, there are several important things to know. Landlords need to know what kind of insurance they require to ensure they’re protected from financial losses associated with their property and their tenants. If this is the first property you’ve ever rented, you’ll likely have many questions about what kind of policy you need.

What are the best options for me when it comes to Landlords’ Insurance in Salt Lake City?

The best landlords’ insurance policy for you is the one that protects you from situations like storms, explosions, theft, and other events that are out of your control. You may also choose a policy that includes legal protection, malicious damage by your tenants, contents insurance, and more.

What should landlords’ insurance in Salt Lake City cover?

  1.   The Physical Home
  2.   Liability Coverage
  3.   Loss of Rent

We’ll help you pick a landlords’ insurance plan that protects your rental property from any physical damage it may endure. This includes storms and other natural events, as well as damage by tenants and structural issues.

What does landlords’ insurance protect me from?

You will also need to be protected from any lawsuits that may arise through the property you own. This can include injuries that take place at your property and other events you may be found legally responsible for as a landlord. For example, if your tenant falls down the stairs in your rental home and the court decides you failed to maintain the stairs, you could be responsible for your tenant’s medical and legal fees.

Does landlords’ insurance protect me from loss of rent?

Another situation that can arise as a landlord is your property undergoing repairs and your tenants having to move out temporarily. It’s important to have loss of rent coverage in your landlords’ insurance policy to make sure you still receive the income you are losing in rent.

As a landlord, it’s in your best interest to make sure you’re protected from a variety of issues that can arise while you rent your property, no matter how unlikely they seem.

Contact the helpful agents at Salt Lake City Insurance to learn more about what landlords’ insurance covers. Our team will help you choose an affordable landlords’ insurance policy that still gives you all the coverage you need to stay financially secure.

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