Special Event and Wedding Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT

Minimize the financial risk of hosting a gathering by purchasing one of our affordable special event insurance policies.

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When you have wedding and special event insurance in Salt Lake City, you can relax and enjoy your day knowing you have coverage for a variety of situations. Whether you’re hosting a wedding or anniversary, birthday, graduation, or retirement party, there are all sorts of incidents that can take place that result in surprise out-of-pocket expenses in addition to what you’ve already spent on the occasion.

How does special event insurance protect me?

Special event insurance gives you the financial protection you need if accidents, injuries, weather events, or other unexpected situations take place during the big day. You’ve likely already spent thousands of dollars on your event, and these additional costs can be devastating.

Picking the right special event insurance policy begins by asking these three questions.

Why do I need wedding and special event insurance in Salt Lake City?

While hosting a special event is a fun and exciting time, there are certain risks involved. Anytime a group of people gathers, there’s the potential for accidents to happen. If you’re hosting an event at your home, your home insurance policy likely won’t cover claims made for events with large groups of people. Similarly, your rental agreement with an event location won’t always include comprehensive insurance, which is why we always recommend special event insurance.

Whether you’re hosting an event at your home or a rented location, you may be liable for any injuries or accidents that your guests experience there. Without special event insurance, you could face paying the costly medical expenses and other bills your guests receive.

What does special event insurance cover?

  • Loss
  • Property damage
  • Injury
  • Litigation

When extreme weather, natural disasters, death, or injuries take place, special event insurance can cover you from the losses you’re likely to encounter by canceling or postponing your event. Additionally, if the property is damaged during the event, your special event insurance will help cover repair costs. If you face additional lawsuits for injured guests or property damage from the occasion, special event coverage can include litigation fees as well. Most policies also offer coverage if an event or wedding is canceled due to the unfortunate injury or death of a key participant.

How much does special event insurance cost?

The cost of insuring your wedding or special event will depend on the risks associated with hosting it. Generally, the more people that are attending an event will result in higher premiums to insure it. Venue location and other details of your event will also determine how much you’ll pay when you purchase special event or wedding insurance.

Rest assured, the professionals at Salt Lake City Insurance will help you find a special event insurance policy that suits your budget and fits your needs.

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