Vision Coverage in Salt Lake City, UT

Keep your visual health in focus. Contact us today to learn all about our comprehensive vision coverage plans for you and your employees.

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Vision Coverage in Salt
Lake City, UT

Keep your visual health in focus. Contact us today to learn all about our comprehensive vision coverage plans
for you and your employees.

Vision Coverage in Salt
Lake City, UT

Keep your visual health in focus. Contact us today to learn all about our comprehensive vision coverage plans
for you and your employees.

Vision coverage in Salt Lake City helps reduce the cost of eye care, glasses, and other vision and health services for you and your employees. When you purchase vision coverage, you’re making sure your eye health is taken care of not only today but also for the years to come.

Purchasing vision coverage often comes with many questions about what kind of coverage you need, how much it costs, and what it includes. Understanding vision care policies is essential to make sure you get the ideal plan that fits the needs and budgets of you and your employees.

Is vision insurance included in health insurance?

Vision coverage is a form of health insurance, however, it isn’t included in all health plans. Some basic health care plans might include routine eye exams and discounts on glasses and contacts, but nothing else. If you require additional vision coverage, these plans can be purchased in addition to basic health coverage to make sure you’re financially protected from high eye care bills.

What does vision insurance include?

In addition to basic eye care costs including routine exams, there are also more comprehensive plans that offer financial protection from more extensive medical treatment or emergency vision care.

There are vision plans that cover some or all of:

  1. Eye exams
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Laser eye surgery, including LASIK and PRK
  4. Eye diseases (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, etc.)
  5. Eye surgery

How much vision coverage do I need in Salt Lake City?

Deciding how much vision coverage to purchase for you and your family or your employees can be a difficult decision, but we’re here to help. For example, if you work in an industry where your employees need eye protection, there are also some plans that include safety eyewear. Other employers who run businesses that don’t require safety eyewear can save money by choosing a plan without this type of coverage.

Understandably, more extensive vision coverage usually comes at a cost, but these plans will help you and your employees save money on medical bills in the long run.

Contact the helpful agents at Salt Lake City Insurance to learn what the best options there are for you and your family for vision coverage. Salt Lake City Insurace will help you choose an affordable policy that fits your budget and your vision care needs.

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Is vision insurance worth it?
When you’re involved in an automobile collision with another vehicle or object or if your vehicle rolls over, collision coverage will save you from paying massive out of pocket costs. This comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairing or replacing your vehicle after you’re in an accident.
Do I need vision insurance?
If your basic health insurance policy doesn’t cover eye exams or doesn’t cover contacts or glasses, you may benefit from vision insurance. Find out the right plan for you and your family. Call us at Salt Lake City Insurance today. We’re ready to help you.
Does vision insurance cover Lasek?
Many vision insurance policies cover Lasek. However, we recommend checking with your individual plan or policy. It may vary from plan to plan.
How do I get vision insurance in Salt Lake City?
Call us today. Our trusted and reliable agents at Salt Lake City Insurance can help you determine a vision insurance plan that suits your needs and your budget. Let us help you find what you need.
How does vision insurance work?
You pay premiums at monthly or annual intervals. In return, you get discounts on glasses, contacts, eye examinations, and more. Exactly what your vision insurance covers is dependant on your specific plan.
When is a good time to add my child to vision insurance?
The average age to add a child to vision insurance is 2 years old. However, some eye experts may recommend adding your child as soon as 1 year of age. Make sure to check that you can add your child or children to your plan beforehand. Again, it varies depending on your specific plan.
Can you have primary and secondary vision insurance?
This depends. You may have some kind of coverage through your regular health insurance. However, there may be gaps. Consequently, it may be a good idea to purchase vision insurance separate from your health insurance. In this way, you may have a primary and secondary option. Check with your insurance provider to find out how this works. They’ll be able to give you more information relating to your specific insurance plans.
Can you use vision insurance online?
Yes, some online stores accept vision insurance. Yet, check the restrictions on your insurance plan. If you plan on purchasing online, make sure it is a feasible option before you buy your vision insurance.
Is vision insurance required?
No, vision insurance is not required. But your regular health insurance may not cover eye exams, contacts, glasses, and more. Assess where the gaps are and fill them in where necessary.
Is vision insurance considered health insurance?
Yes, vision insurance is a form of health insurance. This does not necessarily mean that your basic or primary health insurance covers your vision needs.
How much is a vision exam without insurance?
The average vision exam without insurance costs about $100. However, some places may offer an exam for as low as $50. Further, most eye experts recommend a vision exam every 1-2 years.
Does vision insurance cover contact lenses?
Some vision insurance plans from Salt Lake City Insurance may cover contact lenses. Check your individual insurance plan to determine if this is included. If you are unsure, call our experienced agents today. They can help you find out what your specific vision insurance plan covers.

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