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Protect your assets with a flexible plan suited to the specific needs of your business with a septic contractors insurance policy.

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Septic contractors in Salt Lake City need insurance coverage that’s as versatile as their business. That’s why we offer plans built around the sewage and wastewater industry to offer you the comprehensive coverage you need when the unexpected takes place.

Your business can face paying major out of pocket costs for costly claims without the right protection, and that’s where septic contractors insurance comes in.

What is septic contractors insurance?

Septic contractors include installers, maintenance people, drain and sewer cleaning, hydro excavators, and plenty of other important jobs. Septic contractors insurance protects these businesses from the cost of repairing or replacing equipment and vehicles, workers’ compensation, liability, and much more.

On a daily basis, your business provides a wide range of services, which is why you need a reliable policy that applies to a variety of situations.

Your septic business will have different insurance needs than other businesses so our experts will help you find a plan that fits your business’s unique qualities and your budget.

What does septic contractors insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

While each policy is different, most septic contractors insurance policies include:

  1. General liability
  2. Commercial auto coverage
  3. Errors and omissions
  4. Coverage for accidental hazardous waste contact or spills

Like most businesses, your business will need coverage for accidents and damages involving your employees and your property.

Septic contractors face a special set of risks every day on the job, and the right coverage will ensure they’re protected from the financial impact of workplace injuries.

Similarly, if your business is sued by an injured employee, the right coverage will not only include their medical costs but any legal fees as well, as well as settlement costs.

For many septic contractors, their vehicles play an essential role in their business. If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, a septic contractors insurance plan can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, as well as the costs associated with damage caused by your vehicle.

Call Salt Lake City Insurance today and we’ll help you find a plan that suits the unique needs of your company at a price that works for you.

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