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With our commercial property insurance plans, you’ll have the peace of mind that your business property and its contents are covered when damage or theft occurs.

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Business owners in Salt Lake City choose commercial property insurance to make sure they have the funds to repair or replace their commercial property when unfortunate situations take place.

When you don’t opt for commercial property insurance, you risk facing massive out-of-pocket costs in the event your commercial property needs to be replaced or fixed. Without these funds, you also risk having to shut down your business entirely.

Here’s what else you should know about commercial property insurance in Utah.

What do commercial property insurance policies cover in Salt Lake City?

There are several situations where commercial property insurance will come in handy. Your commercial property could be damaged by fires or storms. Alternatively, the property inside of your commercial building could be stolen, damaged, or vandalized.

The items considered part of your property can include:

  1. The physical structure of the building
  2. Signs outside of the building
  3. Office supplies and furniture
  4. Inventory

Many commercial property insurance plans also protect business owners from costs associated with repairing damage that takes place while your building is being remodeled or built.

You may also opt for equipment breakdown insurance as part of your plan, which includes covering the cost of repairing broken equipment on your property.

With some policies, equipment that is a permanent fixture on your commercial property may be considered part of the physical structure.

While many commercial property plans include comprehensive coverage, most property insurance policies do not cover earthquake and flood damage.

When do I need commercial property insurance?

Although commercial property insurance is not legally required in Utah, it’s clear why it’s an absolutely essential part of owning a business. If you own a property used for business, insuring it is a good idea even if you don’t store valuable content inside of it.

The cost of repairing or replacing damage commercial property and equipment can be devastating, and having the right insurance gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

Salt Lake City Insurance will find a commercial property plan for you that gives your business the financial protection you need when your property is damaged or stolen.

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