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Know your possessions are protected by renters’ insurance if something should happen with a policy that works with your budget.

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Renters’ insurance in Salt Lake City is an important and often forgotten policy for people who don’t own their own home. It protects personal items from damage or loss so the person can replace or repair them. If you’ve never considered this type of coverage, you might want to learn more about it.

Do I Need Renters’ Insurance in Salt Lake City?

You may be a college student or just graduated. You may be renting an apartment after a divorce. Regardless of the reason, you may believe you don’t need renters’ coverage if you don’t own much. You may think the landlord’s insurance will pay for damage to your stuff. The truth is anyone who rents a place to live needs to have renters’ insurance in SLC.

  1. Many rental companies and landlords require it, but you should purchase a policy even if they don’t.
  2. Your landlord’s insurance will pay for damage to the building, but it won’t cover your personal items. You’ll need to carry your own insurance to pay for damage to your furniture, clothing, electronics and other personal belongings.
  3. A renters’ policy also pays for replacement if your items are stolen. They are covered whether you have them in your home or your vehicle or even somewhere else.

Protect Yourself

  1. Another important aspect to renters’ insurance is liability. If you accidentally damage the place where you live, your landlord could sue you. Your renters’ policy may pay for repairs if you are responsible. It also protects you if someone gets hurts in your apartment.
  2. While your landlord is responsible for the condition of the property, you’re responsible for certain safety issues. If an accident occurs because of your negligence, you could be held liable. Your insurance provider would cover the medical costs up to the limits of your policy.
  3. If you happen to own a dog, you definitely want to have coverage for dog bites. Even the nicest puppy can turn into a risk as it gets older. If you put a trampoline in the back yard of your rental, you may be responsible for any injuries which could occur. It can be a fine line between you and your landlord about who is responsible for accidents, but you don’t want to have to fight it on your own.

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