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Protect your passengers, your employees, and your fleet with one of our flexible and affordable limousine services insurance plans.

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Insurance for limousine services in Salt Lake City involves a unique set of coverage options that can be difficult to navigate. The experts at Salt Lake City Insurance are here to help guide you through this process and pick a limousine services insurance policy that not only protects your passengers and your employees but your vehicles as well.

You take pride in offering your customers a luxurious and safe transportation alternative, and having limousine services insurance is an essential part of that process.

Avoid paying high out-of-pocket costs for limousine repairs or replacement with the right coverage.

Whether you operate a sole limousine or have your own fleet, insuring your vehicles is critical if you want to avoid the costly bills that come with repairing or replacing them. Similarly, if your limousine is involved in an accident, you could face major medical and legal bills for passengers and drivers involved.

What does limousine services insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

A comprehensive limousine services insurance policy will cover a variety of situations and incidents, including:

  1. Collision insurance
  2. Garage-keepers liability
  3. Physical damage
  4. Theft
  5. General/automobile liability
You can also receive liability business coverage specifically for a limousine services company, and cover other unexpected costs like vandalism or damage done to your vehicle while it’s stored in a garage.

How much does it cost to insure a limo?

Insuring your limousine in Salt Lake City varies in cost, but there are certain things you can do to help keep your premium low.

One of the most important things you can do is to be sure to only hire and work with drivers who have completed safe driving courses and have clean driving records.

In some cases, you’ll receive discounts for insuring multiple vehicles, but plans for insuring one limousine versus a fleet come with different costs.

Get limousine services coverage tailored to the needs of your business with the help of the experts at Salt Lake City Insurance today!

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