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Commercial general liability insurance can mean the difference between bankruptcy and financial security when your business is faced with costly injury or damage claims.

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Businesses in Salt Lake City choose commercial general liability insurance as a way of providing their business with the means to pay for massive out of pocket claims.

There are all sorts of situations when commercial general liability is useful for a business, and you won’t want to be caught without it!

What is commercial general liability insurance coverage?

Commercial general liability coverage is meant to provide business owners with an insurance plan that helps protect them from the costs that arise when a person or their property is damaged or injured by you or one of your employees.

While your business’s primary insurance policies may help protect you from some of these costs, commercial general liability is a comprehensive plan that helps cover all of your bases.

What does commercial general liability insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Say one of your employees is found at fault for damaging a client’s property. Without commercial general liability coverage, your business could be held responsible for covering repair costs or legal fees associated with the damage.

Similarly, if someone is injured on your business property, commercial general liability will help cover their medical costs as well as legal costs if you’re sued.

There are plenty of times when a business will find their commercial general liability coverage useful.

Most policies include coverage for:

  1. Property damage done to another person’s property by one of your employees while on the job
  2. Bodily injury that takes place at your business or at the hands of one of your employees while they’re at a client’s home or office
  3. Legal fee and judgment coverage when your company is sued
  4. Fire liability
  5. Casualty coverage

You can also purchase additional coverage for a more comprehensive plan that includes liquor liability, concession liability, and foreign liability, and advertising liability.

The professionals at Salt Lake City Insurance can help you determine what kind of commercial general liability coverage your business requires at a price that fits your budget.

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