Specialty Auto Insurance in Salt Lake City, UT

Know that the value of your classic or special vehicle is covered in case of damage in an accident with specialty auto insurance coverage that fits your budget.

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Sometimes traditional auto insurance doesn’t provide enough coverage for your vehicle. You may have unique circumstances or even a special car that requires you to purchase specialty auto insurance. Make sure your car is protected by the right kind of coverage.

Types of Specialty Auto Insurance

There are several kinds of auto insurance that make up the specialty category:

  • Classic car insurance
  • Low rider insurance
  • Modified vehicle insurance (custom cars)
  • Antique car insurance
  • Street drive insurance
  • Racecar insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance

The vehicle you own may fall into one of these categories and benefit from specialty auto insurance. It’s important to understand this policy will be different than traditional car insurance.

What are the Restrictions and Requirements for Specialty Auto Insurance in Salt Lake City?

  1. To be considered for coverage by a specialty auto insurance, you may need to meet certain requirements. For example, you may need to keep your vehicle in a locked garage when its not in use.
  2. Another limitation for your vehicle may be the number of miles you can drive it each year. Many classic vehicles have restrictions on driving to reduce the risk for accidents and claims.
  3. The policy limits you on how you can use the vehicle as well. A classic pickup may not be allowed to tow a trailer or have other restrictions on use.
  4. Some policies provide limited coverage only when the vehicle is being shown, which makes it less expensive than insuring it all year long. Of course, this means you can’t drive it on the road the rest of the year.
When choosing coverage for your vehicle with specialty auto insurance, you’ll want to know the value of the vehicle. In fact, you may need to have it appraised to ensure adequate coverage. While most vehicles depreciate with time, classics and antique vehicles will increase their value as long as they are cared for properly.

Salt Lake Insurance Group provides multiple specialty auto insurance coverage products for a wide range of vehicles. Find out what kind of coverage you need and the requirements to ensure your special vehicle is always protected.

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What is speciality auto insurance?
When you’re involved in an automobile collision with another vehicle or object or if your vehicle rolls over, collision coverage will save you from paying massive out of pocket costs. This comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairing or replacing your vehicle after you’re in an accident.
Do I need speciality auto insurance?
If you don’t own any unique cars or vehicles, traditional auto insurance should cover your needs. Speciality auto insurance includes classic cars, custom cars, motorcycles, antique cars, street cars, and more. Find out if your vehicle requires speciality auto insurance. Contact Salt Lake City Insurance Group today.
How much is speciality auto insurance from Salt Lake City Insurance?
The cost of your speciality auto insurance depends on the type of insurance you purchase. It varies depending on your vehicle, needs, and budget.

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