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Protect your company’s equipment while it’s in transit over land with an affordable and versatile inland marine insurance policy.

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When your company is transporting or storing products, equipment, and tools in Salt Lake City, inland marine insurance is an important part of making sure your goods are adequately protected. If your goods are damaged, vandalized, or stolen as they’re being transported over land, inland marine insurance will help you cover repair and replacement costs.

Unlike marine insurance that covers your cargo when it’s transported on water, inland marine insurance is responsible for insuring your company’s goods when they’re being moved by truck, train, etc.

While most people use their inland marine insurance to protect their property while it’s in transit, this type of insurance can also cover your company’s equipment when it’s being held in a third-party location, like a warehouse.

Before you pick the right inland marine insurance policy for your business, get to know the ins and out of this specialized insurance by asking a few simple questions.

What does inland marine insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Inland marine insurance covers a variety of equipment, products, goods, and tools when they’re being transported or stored in a third-party location, including:

  1. Buildings and equipment under construction
  2. Computer equipment
  3. Construction/contractor’s tools
  4. Artwork
  5. Medical and scientific equipment

These are just a handful of the things inland marine insurance can cover, and these versatile policies can be built around giving your equipment the specialized coverage they need.

Who needs inland marine insurance?

Not all businesses require inland marine insurance, but if it could be useful to your company, you won’t want to skip out on it.

For example, if you run a catering company who regularly transports supplies and equipment to different destinations, inland marine insurance is a good idea for you. Similarly, photographers and professionals who travel to different locations with their equipment tend to purchase inland marine insurance to ensure the tools of their trade are insured if they’re damaged or stolen.

Whether your property is stolen, damaged, or vandalized while it’s being transported on land or stored in a third-party warehouse, inland marine insurance will help cover the costs of repairing or replacing your valuable equipment.

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