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Your specialty trade is your livelihood, and we’re here to provide you with a strategic insurance policy to protect you from financial risks that can prevent you from doing your job

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In Salt Lake City, specialty trade contractors need insurance that protects their employees, their equipment, their property, and their business for financial risks that could bankrupt them.

Your specific job needs specific coverage tailored to your business, and that’s precisely what Salt Lake City Insurance offers.

What is specialty trade contractors insurance?

While a general contractor oversees several components of a project, a specialty trade contractor focuses on completing a specific task. Specialty trade contractors insurance provides financial protection from the risks they encounter operating their business.

Because of the specific nature of your job, the insurance coverage you need must be tailored to particular risks associated with your business, and that’s what specialty trade contractors insurance can do.

What does specialty trade contractors insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

When you choose a specialty trade contractors insurance policy, there are a handful of primary points you’ll want it to cover, including:

  1. Workers’ compensation
  2. Property damage
  3. Retirement and group benefits
  4. Commercial auto
  5. Liability coverage

Risk Management

Whether you focus on plumbing, lighting, painting, heating and cooling or another specialty, as a contractor, you face a variety of risks each day doing your job.

If you’re doing your job and in the process of completing a task, a client’s window is broken or another piece of their property is damaged, you could be responsible for covering repair costs. Similarly, if a client is injured due to your work, you might not only face paying their medical fees but legal fees and settlements as well.

As a specialty contractor, you’ll also want insurance that gives you workers’ compensation coverage if one of your employees is injured on the job because you could be responsible for covering some of their lost wages.

More specialized coverage options may also cover the cost of drug testing for your employees, background checks, and more.

As you can see, there are all kinds of situations where you won’t want to be caught without specialty trade contractors insurance.

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