Personal Injury Protection in Salt Lake City, UT

Know that you are protected from the expense of medical care if you’re involved in a car accident with personal injury protection that fits your budget.

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Since Utah is a no-fault state, each person in a car accident must pay for their own medical expenses and damages regardless of who is at fault. While there are exceptions to this law, you must be prepared for those expenses with a personal injury protection policy. This coverage is required by law and included in your policy when you buy car insurance.

What Does Personal Injury Protection in Salt Lake City Cover?

  1. Personal injury protection or PIP (Personal Injury Protection) covers you, all drivers included on your policy and the passengers in your vehicle at the time of the accident.
  2. PIP pays for medical expenses, including medical treatment, surgery, rehab, medications and other care.
  3. In some situations, PIP may pay for lost wages if the person is off from work due to the injury. It may also pay for services which you are unable to do because of your injury.
  4. PIP may also pay for funeral expenses if a death results from a traffic accident.
  5. PIP only pays out if you do not have adequate health insurance. Otherwise, your health insurance policy may be the primary payer for those expenses.
It is often confusing to people as to why they need personal injury protecion since they carry liability coverage with their auto insurance.
However, liability coverage is for the other party’s injuries if you cause the accident. PIP pays for injuries to the people in your vehicle whether you are at fault or not.

While you must purchase the minimum amount of coverage for IP as required by law, you can increase your coverage if you feel you need the extra protection. You may have limited health insurance or be concerned about having enough coverage in a car accident. Personal injury protection can give you the peace of mind you need.

Salt Lake Insurance provides PIP coverage as part of their auto insurance policies to ensure you meet the requirements of state law. Agents will discuss your needs with you to determine how much coverage you should get and what fits in your budget.

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