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ATV Insurance

If your dirt bike, four-wheeler, six-wheeler or other ATV is damaged or stolen, our ATV insurance plans give you the peace of mind you won’t face repair or replacement costs on your own.

Boat Insurance

You can spend more time enjoying the open water on your marine vehicle when you know it’s protected by our flexible and thorough boat insurance policies.

Motorhome Insurance

Your vacation home on wheels is costly to repair or replace, which is why we offer motorhome insurance policies to protect your vehicle and what you keep inside of it.

Snowmobile Insurance

You can focus on exploring the trails and making tracks while we concentrate on insuring your snowmobile with one of our extensive insurance policies at a rate you can afford.

Accidents can happen when you’re out riding on an ATV or pulling your RV on a camping trip. You need to be protected from accidents, and your traditional auto insurance policy may not cover these situations. You need to think about purchasing recreational vehicle insurance to protect yourself if the vehicle gets damaged.

What Type of Coverage do I need for my RV?

  1. As with car insurance, recreational vehicle insurance varies based on the type you purchase. Just as with auto insurance, you may need to get liability coverage to protect you in case you’re responsible for an accident. An incident can happen when you’re driving down the road, or it can occur if someone gets hurt inside your RV or motorhome.
  2. You may need collision and comprehensive coverage to pay for damage to the RV in an accident. It can pay for theft, vandalism and natural disasters, such as fire, wind damage and hail. It can replace items inside the RV as well, such as personal belongings and electronics.

You may want to talk to an insurance agent about the different types of coverage available based on how you’ll use your RV. For instance, if you plan to live in it year-round as you travel, you may need more protection. Vacation liability coverage protects you if you park the RV at a campsite for an extended time.

How much is RV Insurance in Salt Lake City?

Your recreational vehicle insurance rates will be determined by the make and model of the RV you own. Your own driving record will also be a factor.

In some cases, you may be able to add RV insurance to your auto policy, but it’s not usually recommended. RVs are unique and you often live in and drive them, which may require specialized coverage.

Usage will be another factor to consider when searching for RV Insurance.  Salt Lake City has four distinct seasons, if you only plan to use it during the summer months, you may be able to get part-time coverage. This could result in significant savings over full-time coverage. However, if you plan to drive around the country all year long, you’ll need full-time coverage to protect you out on the open road.

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