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Your equipment is valuable, which is why it needs an insurance policy to protect it from the cost of damage, theft, lost keys, and more.

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Choosing specialized truck equipment insurance in Salt Lake City starts with determining the specific risks that come with owning and operating this valuable equipment.

For many businesses, their specialized truck equipment plays an integral role in their regular operations, and if this equipment is out of commission for any reason, it’s bound to have an impact on the company.

Not only is the cost of repairing or replacing specialized truck equipment high, without it many employees won’t be able to do their jobs.

That’s why we offer specialized truck equipment insurance policies to protect your business.

What is specialized truck equipment insurance?

Specialized truck equipment includes customized additions to the body of a truck which result in a specialty vehicle like dry freight trucks, plows, dump body trucks, crane trucks, and more.

Insurance built around protecting businesses from the cost of fixing or recovering this equipment is essential for these businesses if they want to maintain a normal course of operations.

What does specialized truck equipment insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Depending on the kind of specialized truck equipment you need insured, your plan will vary.

Generally, specialized truck equipment policies have the following types of coverage built into them:

  1. Commercial auto insurance
  2. Theft coverage
  3. Fixing and replacing locks and keys
  4. Property insurance

There are several situations where your specialized truck equipment insurance will come in handy.

If an employee entrusted with keys to one or all of your trucks misplaces them, the cost of re-keying and replacing locks can be very high. Your specialized truck equipment insurance policy can help offset these costs.

Specialized truck equipment is often very expensive, and despite its size, it can be stolen when you least expect it. Your business may cease to function without the right equipment, and replacing it can bankrupt a company if you’re not expecting it. With specialized truck equipment insurance, you can get help with the cost of replacing your stolen equipment.

Call today and the team at Salt Lake City Insurance will find an insurance policy to protect you from the financial risk of repairing or replacing specialized truck equipment.

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