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You face risks doing your job every day, so let a reliable and affordable water well drillers insurance plan handle your financial risks to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on the task at hand.

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You’re exposed to a certain level of risk as a water well driller in Salt Lake City, and insurance built just for your industry helps protect you from financial peril so you can focus on doing your job safely and effectively.

Your employees and your worksite need comprehensive protection to guard you against financial risks that are associated with injuries, property damage, equipment repairments and replacements, and much more.

That’s why Salt Lake City Insurance is proud to offer policies built specifically for insuring water well drillers.

What is water well drillers insurance?

As a water well driller, you’re responsible for the important tasks of setting up and operating rigs used to drill commercial, residential, and industrial water wells. Like any industry, water well drilling needs a unique form of insurance coverage built to protect them from the specific risks they face, and that’s precisely what water well drillers insurance policies are created to do.

What does water well drillers insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Most water well drillers insurance policies include:

  1. Workers compensation’ coverage
  2. Property insurance
  3. Inland marine insurance
  4. Commercial automobile insurance
  5. Business income insurance
  6. Commercial umbrella coverage

There are also plenty of additional forms of coverage you may opt for depending on your specific business, including downhole coverage, equipment rental reimbursement, worksite pollution, installation floaters, and much more.

Not only is the equipment you use to do your job incredibly valuable, so are your employees and their safety.

A water well drillers insurance policy isdesigned to protect all aspects of your business, from the risk of your daily operations to liability you face after installation. If an employee is injured on the job, your policy can not only help cover some of their lost wages, but it can also offset the cost of their medical fees or legal fees if you’re sued.

Get in touch with Salt Lake City Insurance today to find a water well drillers insurance policy that works for your business and gives the reassurance that you’re financially protected.

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