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Maintenance contractors provide a variety of services to their clients, and they need insurance coverage that does the same for them.

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As a maintenance contractor in Salt Lake City, you’ll often find that no two days of work are the same, which is why you need a maintenance contractors insurance policy that’s as flexible as you are.

Whether you’re contracted to do janitorial work, electric work, heating and ventilation jobs, or other types of maintenance contract work, it’s crucial you have the financial protection that covers you in the event of costly injuries, damage, or theft related to the job.

Without maintenance contractors insurance, you risk bankruptcy in the event of a lawsuit or another pricy situation.

If you’re an independent maintenance contractor or you operate a business that employs them, maintenance contractors insurance will offer you the protection you need. Often, your other employment insurance policies won’t cover maintenance contract work or contract employees because maintenance contractors tend to require very specific coverage.

What does maintenance contractors insurance cover?

If you’re a maintenance contractor who was entrusted with the key to a business where you complete your work and you happen to lose the key, you might face paying significant out of pocket costs. You could be responsible for paying to not only have the key that you lost replaced but also covering the cost of having all the locks in the building changed and the price of new keys.

A policy with lost key coverage is just one useful feature of a comprehensive maintenance contractors insurance plan.

Depending on the type of maintenance contract work you do, you’ll need different types of coverage, which is why finding a plan that suits your specific needs is so important.

In addition to lost key coverage, some common coverage options for maintenance contractors include:

  1. Theft coverage
  2. Property Damage coverage
  3. General liability

When you need a maintenance contractors insurance policy that works with your business and protects you from major out of pocket costs, contact the friendly experts at Salt Lake City Insurance.

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