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Protect your healthcare facility with an insurance plan that covers your business, your employees, and your assets from costly financial risks.

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When you’re looking for healthcare facility insurance in Salt Lake City, there are several things to consider. You’ll need a plan that offers comprehensive and customized coverage to suit the needs of an ever-changing business that serves a variety of clients and purposes.

Salt Lake City Insurance will work with you to determine what kind of coverage your healthcare facility needs to protect you from paying out of pocket for lawsuits, workers’ compensation, cyber breaches, and much more.

What is healthcare facility insurance?

Healthcare facility insurance is a specialized form of coverage that protects places that offer healthcare services from expensive claims and other costs.

Some examples of healthcare facilities which benefit from this type of coverage include:

  1. Hospitals and doctors’ offices
  2. X-ray and imaging centers
  3. Physical therapy centers
  4. Rehabilitation centers
  5. Chiropractic offices
  6. Counseling centers

These are just some of the healthcare facilities this type of coverage works for, and plans are tailored around the specific needs of each business.

What does healthcare facility insurance cover in Salt Lake City?

Healthcare facilities provide very important services, and the stakes are often quite high in your day to day operations. For that reason, you need coverage that protects you from the risks associated with these operations.

Because of the services they provide and the sensitive information they store, healthcare facilities are prone to claims and lawsuits involving injuries and death, malpractice, and data breaches. As an employer, they also face unlawful dismissal claims and other issues.

A comprehensive healthcare facility insurance plan should include general, legal, and medical professional liability coverage, property damage coverage, workers’ compensation, and umbrella coverage.

Each plan is different, but other coverage options include protection for cyber liability coverage in the event of a data breach, employment practices liability, business vehicle coverage, and more.

Many healthcare facilities also choose employers liability coverage, which helps protect you from the cost of treating your employees’ work-related injuries and related lawsuits.

Contact Salt Lake City Insurance today to ask about what kind of coverage your healthcare facility needs and find a cost-effective plan that protects your business from financial risks.

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