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Help is available to lessen the burden of medication costs with our prescription insurance plans that fits your needs and your budget.

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When you’re choosing prescription insurance in Salt Lake City, you have several plans that range from basic coverage and generic medication to more comprehensive programs that cover specialty drugs and brand names. Medication costs can add up quickly without coverage, and our prescription insurance plans take some of that weight off of your shoulders when it’s time to pay your bills.

Before you can choose the right plan for you, get to know the different types of prescription insurance and what most plans cover by asking a few simple questions.

What does prescription insurance cover?

Prescription insurance coverage can be broken down into seven specific tiers, but most plans follow a four-tier formula. Most plans will cover between one and four of these tiers. The level of coverage you choose will determine which tiers are included, and the more comprehensive your plan, the more tiers will be covered. The four primary tiers are:

  1. Low cost, preferred generic medication
  2. Some brand name, but most generic medium-cost prescriptions
  3. Higher cost prescription drugs, generally brand name and often specialty medications
  4. Highest cost prescription drugs which are usually specialty

Some plans use different terminology to classify their coverage, and our helpful staff will ensure you know just what your plan covers.

Does my health insurance automatically cover prescription medications?

Not all health insurance plans include prescription medication coverage. If you have a basic health care plan with no prescription coverage, it’s important to look into purchasing a separate prescription insurance policy to protect you from the high costs of medication.

How much prescription insurance do I need in Salt Lake City?

The prescription plan you choose will come with a formulary, which is a list of medication covered by your policy. Go over this list to make sure drugs you already take are included, along with medication you may require in the future.

When you choose your prescription insurance in Salt Lake City, you’ll want to consider your age, current health, and health history. You may also be selecting a prescription insurance plan for your family and employees, and in that case, you must weigh their needs as well.

Salt Lake City Insurance is here to help you find the perfect plan the suits your needs and your budget. Our friendly team will help you find a prescription insurance plan that covers the most medication at the lowest cost.

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