Frequently Asked Questions About Earthquake Insurance


Utah is one of the top ten states for the strength and frequency of earthquakes in the country, which is why we get a lot of questions about earthquake insurance here at Salt Lake City Insurance.

We’re proud to offer earthquake insurance to our clients to protect themselves, their families, and their property. But before you buy it, you might have several questions about how these policies work and who can benefit them.

Keep reading if you’d like answers to those questions and more!

Does My Homeowners Insurance Policy Include Earthquake Coverage?

This is one of the top questions we get, and knowing the answer can mean the difference between going bankrupt from the cost of repairing your home from earthquake damage or not!

The answer?


Standard home insurance policies do not include earthquake coverage. Homeowners need to purchase earthquake insurance separately.

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

If the structure of your home is damaged from an earthquake, earthquake insurance can help cover the repair or rebuild costs. You can also get a policy that includes protection for some of the after-effects of an earthquake that your home might face, like fires or gas leaks.

Another critical component your earthquake insurance might include is additional living expenses. Much like the additional living expenses coverage in your homeowners insurance policy, this coverage in your earthquake insurance helps cover the cost of things like food or hotel stays if you’re displaced from your home.

Who Needs Earthquake Insurance?

For homeowners who live in states that rarely experience earthquakes, forgoing earthquake insurance doesn’t necessarily pose a significant risk. However, for homeowners in states like Utah where earthquakes are frequent, earthquake insurance is strongly encouraged.

As with most types of insurance, having as much as you can afford is a good rule of thumb when you choose a policy. We are experts at finding policies with the coverage you need at a rate you can afford – whether it’s for earthquake insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, or any of your other insurance needs.

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