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3 Common Home Insurance Myths Debunked


Not sure what to believe when it comes to what you’ve been told about home insurance? Truthfully, a lot of misinformation is spread about all kinds of insurance, with home insurance often leading the pack. To help you tell what’s true and what’s not, let’s debunk some of the most common home insurance myths!   Myth #1: My home is insured for its resale value. Truth: Your home is insured to cover...

4 Tips for Winter Fire Safety to Protect You and Your Home


Being nice and cozy in your home with a fire roaring in your fireplace and warming the room is one of the nicest parts of winter. It’s also a great time of year to have candles adding a warm glow to your home, but with candles or fireplaces there are certain risks you need to watch out for. Although the amount of outdoor fires decreases during the winter, the amount of indoor, structural fires...

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