How to Decide if You Should Make a Property Insurance Claim for Your Home


Are you facing a potentially costly situation in your home and you’re not sure if you should file a home insurance claim? There’s often no one right answer for deciding if it’s the right time to make a claim or not, but we’ve put together some questions to help you decide if it would make sense to file a home insurance claim.

Is It a Covered Peril?

Before you try to make a home insurance claim, you’ll want to be sure it would be covered by your policy in the first place. For example, let’s say your area experiences a flash flood that damages your home and you’re tempted to file a home insurance claim. Floods are almost always excluded from your standard home insurance policy, so unless you have specifically purchased flood insurance, you likely won’t have coverage for this event.

What Would It Cost to Make a Claim?

For claims that would cover thousands of dollars, using your insurance might be a no-brainer. But if your deductible is $1000 and you’re thinking of making a $1,500 claim, it might be best to forgo your insurance in this situation. Paying the $1500 out of pocket and not using your insurance might be better than paying $1000, receiving $500, and potentially raising your insurance premiums.

Have You Made Previous Claims?

If you’ve made another home insurance claim in the recent past, it’s sometimes better to hold off on using your insurance if you can. Otherwise, you risk an increased deductible and higher monthly premiums.

Of course, all of the answers to these questions are different for every homeowner, and the only way to decide what’s right for you is by considering your personal situation, reading your policy, and speaking to your provider.

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