It’s Time for a Liability Evaluation of Your Home


With warmer weather on the way, you might be preparing your pool for use, along with cleaning off the trampoline, or preparing anything else around your home for use this summer. While you do this, it’s also a great time to perform a liability evaluation of your home.

What is a liability evaluation?

An important component of home insurance is what’s known as homeowners liability insurance. This can be used in the event someone is injured on your property, or if your property is the cause of injury or damages to someone else. But the level of liability coverage that’s best is different for every homeowner.

When you perform a liability evaluation, this is a good way to spot any new or missed risks that could call for increasing your liability coverage.

What to look for in a home liability evaluation

If you are ready to perform a liability evaluation at your own home, here are some great places to start.

Pools: To begin, your pool needs to be in compliance with local regulations. But if it isn’t included in your insurance policy, make sure your insurance company knows about your pool so you can ensure you have adequate coverage for it.

Pets: Some pets pose a greater liability risk than others. If you have added a pet to your home recently, make sure your insurance company knows about this. In the event your pet injures someone, your liability coverage can cover the damages which is why you need to be sure you have enough of it.

Trampolines: It’s also a good time to do whatever you can to make your trampoline safer and more secure. Consider opting for an in-ground trampoline and adding a protective netting around it. At the same time, be sure your insurance company is aware of this item on your property.

Your property: It’s also time to evaluate your home and the surrounding property. Are there loose railings, missing bricks in your front walkway, or other potential safety risks that should be addressed? These things increase your liability as a homeowner so it’s time to do whatever you can to repair them, before you are faced with bills from the damage they can cause.

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