Understanding No-Fault Insurance in Utah


When you need things like medical expenses or loss of income covered after a car accident no-fault insurance is there to help you. And that help is there regardless of who is at fault in the accident. So, what exactly is no-fault insurance?

What is No-Fault Insurance?

Simply put, no-fault insurance is when a car accident happens and the insurance company of the drivers tries to figure out who was at fault in the accident. If you find yourself in an accident and the insurance companies come to the conclusion that the other driver caused it, you would be able to file a claim to their insurance to help cover the damages and/or injuries you sustained.

Utah is a no-fault state, and your no-fault coverage is also known as PIP or personal injury protection.

When it comes to paying medical claims, no fault insurance won’t take who’s at fault in the accident into consideration. That means you would file the claim with your own insurance company rather than the other drivers. Your insurance company would then look at your claim and the financial losses in order to pay out the damages to you.

What Do These Policies Include?

Here’s what you can expect a no-fault insurance policy to consist of:

  •   Property damage liability coverage
  •   Bodily injury liability coverage
  •   Personal injury protection coverage

Liability coverage is something that all states (with the exception of New Hampshire) require. This is something you will want to be sure to have when you’re ready to hit the road. Still have questions? Ask us in the comments below! Or, contact us today so we can help you directly!

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