Tips for Avoiding Contractor Fraud


You hire a contractor to help you with home repairs in Salt Lake City. They sound like someone who is going to be hardworking. And maybe they have a flashy website or business cards that impress you. But how can you trust them and know they aren’t going to commit contractor fraud? Keep reading to find out!

Tips for Avoiding Contractor Fraud in Salt Lake City

Here are some common signs of contractor fraud and what you should do when you spot them:

  •   The contractor doesn’t pay the supplier: You could pay your contractor and then they could fail to pay the supplier. Instead of waiting for this to happen, consider getting a lien waiver from the contractor.
  •   Advance full payment: If the contractor in question requires advance full payment it’s best to think twice. They should only require a portion of the job payment, so if they’re asking for full payment in advance it’ll be best to turn it down.
  •   Free inspections: Estimates are something that should be offered at no charge, but it’s best to be wary. Pay attention during the assessment and try to get more than one estimate in order to know you’re getting a good price.
  •   Contractors in a different location: It’s important to know there are contractors out there who follow storm events and look for vulnerable targets. Instead of hiring someone from another location, look for a local contractor who has experience in contracting for storm events.
  •   Dodgy workmanship: Sometimes contractors will use cheaper materials and even hire inexperienced workers in order to save on costs for themselves. Instead of waiting for something like this to happen, get references from them and do your research to ensure they’re a reputable contractor you can trust.

What About Insurance?

It’s important to make sure the contractor you work with is properly insured. You’ll also want to look into your own home insurance coverage to see what might apply in the event you fall victim to contractor fraud. That’s why it’s a great idea to give your friendly insurance agents at Salt City Insurance a call before you let a contractor start working on your home.

By Creed Anderson

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