What To Do If You Come Home to a Wet Basement


Discovering your basement has filled with water is one of every homeowner’s worst nightmares. Not only do you risk serious structural damage to your property, but it can also damage or destroy valuable items, including heirlooms or other precious belongings. To help mitigate the damage it can cause, today we’re going to discuss what you should do if you discover your basement is filling with water.

Call Your Insurance Company in Salt Lake City Right Away

The first thing you should do before even getting started on cleaning is to file a claim and then make sure it’s safe to head downstairs. It’s important to call your insurance company right away. Not only can they get started on your claim immediately, but they can also offer assistance and further guidance for what to do next. They can also give you information for who to call if you need professional help cleaning your basement or repairing the damage.

What To Do if Your Basement is Flooding

Once you have those steps covered, there are a few things you can do next to get started on an effective clean:

Put on protective clothing

It’s very important to get yourself ready in gloves and face mask. Wear protective shoes that you’re ok with  getting wet.

Ventilate the area

Be sure to open windows and keep your fans running for adequate air flow.

Keep what you can

Start to remove your belongings from the areas where damage occurred and see what you may be able to salvage. Some things will develop mold and mildew if not removed promptly.

Get rid of the excess water

Set up fans and a dehumidifier and use a wet and/or dry vacuum to clean up the area. Mold can also be treated with a mold treatment spray.


First dry the area as thoroughly as possible and then take the steps to disinfect anything that can’t be removed from the basement.

Remove the damaged drywall and replace

At some point, it’s also important to check out your drywall and replace it if it is wet or damaged.

By Creed Anderson

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