What is an Attractive Nuisance?


As one of the leading providers of home and auto insurance in Salt Lake City, we get a lot of questions about insurance terms and policies. Lately, we’ve had more questions than ever about “attractive nuisances.” We know many of our clients want to know this, so we’re covering it all in a blog post so you can get the answers you need.

So, what exactly is an attractive nuisance?

Attractive nuisances defined

Let’s define an “attractive nuisance” by breaking it down into two parts.

Attractive refers to something that looks good. Nuisance, on the other hand, refers to something that could potentially be problematic or even dangerous.

Now, in relation to home insurance, an attractive nuisance is something that’s taken into account when it comes to your liability coverage. An attractive nuisance might look good, but it can pose the risk of injury to you or your guests. This increases your liability and the likelihood of filing a claim for liability protection through your home insurance policy. It can also mean you pay more for coverage or require additional protection.

Are you curious if your property might be home to an attractive nuisance? Here are a few things that fall under this category.

Examples of attractive nuisances

Swimming pools: As beautiful as they are, swimming pools are the prime example of an attractive nuisance. They look great in your yard, but also pose significant risk to you and your guests, especially if proper safety precautions aren’t taken into account.

Trampolines: Trampolines and other play structures for kids can be a great source of fun and memories for the entire family. But they’re also the cause of thousands of injuries across the UNited States each year. Unfortunately, they also fall under the category of an attractive nuisance. It’s important to take precautions, like considering an in-ground option or adding a net around it to keep your family safe and minimize your risks.

Treehouses: There’s nothing quite like a treehouse when it comes to making fun memories in the backyard! But unfortunately, they’re also a common cause of injuries as falls from treehouses happen all the time. To help mitigate this risk, limit the amount of children allowed in the treehouse at once, be sure they’re only used with supervision, and don’t use them during storms.

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