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If you’re thinking about getting a swimming pool for your property, you’re likely looking forward to pool parties and cool dips in the sun! Having a swimming pool will be sure to provide a lot of fun for your family, but it will be important to make sure that you have the proper home insurance policy in place for protecting your property.

Here is everything you need to know about home insurance for your swimming pool!

Home Insurance and Pool Accidents

Your standard liability protection will, in fact, cover pool accidents. If someone were to get hurt, or if a fatal accident were to occur, your home insurance would be able to cover medical costs, along with any legal protection that you may require. It is common for basic home insurance policies to come with $100,000 in protection. But you will want to review this with your provider.

Coverage on Pool Accidents

Types of pool accidents covered are generally not defined by your provider as they are difficult to predict and can come in many different shapes and forms. If someone is to get hurt while using your pool, their injuries are most often covered by your home insurance, regardless of the type of accident.

Different Pool Types and Coverage

Having a pool will require the maximum amount of liability protection however, home insurance doesn’t cover all pool types the same way.

Above ground pools are not considered permanent structures which means you wouldn’t receive the same coverage for this type of pool. In-ground pools on the other hand will need additional coverage in order to be fully protected.

Tips on Avoiding Pool Accidents

Even with proper insurance coverage, you will want to do your best to avoid pool accidents in the first place.

Use a locked gate for the perimeter of your pool, never dive in shallow areas, and practice safe behaviour in order to avoid accidents.

Ensuring that you have the proper home insurance to protect against pool accidents is a necessity. Call us today to set up your policy and discuss your options for protection!

By Creed Anderson

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