Home Insurance and COVID-19


There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the current climate with COVID-19. Many have been left confused and overwhelmed by the ongoing changes and their effects on our daily lives.

This confusion and uncertainty extends to homeowners, landlords, and tenants, which is why insurance starts to come into question for many. How can I be best prepared if things are to change down the line? What does my insurance cover should the unexpected happen? What can I do for additional support now?

We’re here to answer those important questions!

Answers for Homeowners

Your home insurance in Salt Lake City will cover your needs now just as it always has. There is even an added perk to staying home as you can more easily catch problems before they are to cause any damage.

If your home is vacant or unoccupied during COVID-19 times, be sure to let your home insurance provider know as this may affect your policy. Some insurance providers will request that someone checks on your home as often as possible, sometimes even daily.

It’s always best to let your insurance provider know about changes in your situation so that you can ensure you are covered if anything is to happen.

Landlords and Insurance

If you experience losses due to COVID-19, it is most likely not going to be covered by rental income coverage. This is due to the fact that rental income coverage is meant for times when tenants are unable to occupy your rental because of physical damage. A virus is not considered physical damage even though it may keep someone from your rental.

It is also important to note that rental income coverage does not cover situations where a tenant is unable to pay rent due to a lay off. It is best to speak with your tenants to come to a solution.

What Tenants Need to Know

If you are a tenant and are unable to pay your rent because of COVID-19, the government has provided options for those who have experienced a lay off. You can apply for these benefits and use them to make your rental payment.

Keep in mind that you are still responsible for your end of the lease throughout the pandemic, so be sure to make your payments as usual.

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By Creed Anderson

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