Insurance for Modified Cars: FAQ


We know how confusing and overwhelming all of your options can be for car insurance in Salt Lake City. That’s why we are always trying to cover new, interesting topics related to auto insurance and how to protect yourself as a driver. Today, we are focusing on insurance for modified cars and answering the questions we get on the topic.

What are modified cars?

A modified vehicle is one with changes to the original factory vehicle. As you can imagine, this can mean a whole bunch of different changes, including changing its look, performance, and functionality.

Do I need modified car insurance?

If you have made changes to your vehicle, there’s a good chance this can affect your insurance in some way. This isn’t always the case, but at the very least, your insurance company needs to know about these changes. For example, if you have made a change that increases the value of your vehicle significantly, you might need more coverage to cover that cost.

On the other hand, some modifications can also help you save money on insurance! One example is adding certain anti-theft devices. If you make any changes to your vehicle with the intention of saving on insurance, just be sure to speak to your insurance company first to make sure a discount will actually apply.

Does my car insurance cover modifications?

It’s also important to remember that your existing car insurance typically won’t cover your modifications. So, if you invest a big chunk of change in adding a new stereo system and it’s stolen, your regular insurance might not cover this.

However, if you have a modified car, you can also consider adding endorsements to your policy that apply to the modifications you make. This is often called customized parts and equipment coverage.

One thing is for sure, you want to be sure you have the right coverage in place before you make any changes or before an accident or other damages occur. That’s why we encourage you to call us today so we can discuss all of your options and ensure you have the protection you and your modified vehicle need!

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