Car Insurance and Campers: What’s Covered


Are you heading out in a camper trailer to explore everything Utah has to offer this summer? Sounds like a great time to us! But first, there are some insurance considerations to keep in mind.

Car Insurance & Camper Trailers

If you’re here, you might be wondering, “does my auto insurance cover my camper trailer?” In most cases, your car insurance will offer you some protection. If you’re in a collision, it’s likely you’ll have the same liability coverage and limits that appear on your auto insurance policy. But is that coverage enough? For many policyholders, the answer is no. But to be sure, you need to review your policy and speak with your provider.

Important Considerations

It’s important to double check that the general rule applies to your car insurance policy because some insurance policies can exclude things like towing. At the same time, you’ll want to confirm your regular car insurance policy has enough coverage to take care of your camper’s other insurance needs.

Here are some other considerations that affect how car insurance covers camper trailers:

  • Campers are heavier than most vehicles which makes it harder to stop and steer. Unfortunately, this also increases the risk of an accident which means increasing your coverage is usually a good idea.
  • If you’re in a collision that is your fault with your camper, you’ll want to add collision coverage to your policy (if you haven’t already). Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for paying for the damages.
  • Some car insurance policies include comprehensive coverage for your camper trailer but this might only apply while your trailer is connected to your vehicle. This is something to look into before you hit the road! If there isn’t comprehensive coverage on your policy, it’s often a lot less expensive to add than many people think.

Camper & Car Insurance in Salt Lake City

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